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Welcome to Oak Class

Welcome to our class page

It's the summer term and we have lots to look forward to in the next couple of months! We are preparing for our KS2 SATs and are learning about The Battle of Britain in Topic and English.

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The SATs are made up of three papers: 


  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling paper 1: this consists of about 49 questions that test grammar and punctuation, and takes 45 minutes.
  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling paper 2: this is a spelling test.
  • Reading: children are given a booklet containing three texts in different styles (e.g. a story, a non-fiction piece and a poem), and an answer book with approximately 36 questions about the three texts. Children have an hour in which to answer the questions in any order they choose.
  • Maths: There are three Maths papers in total: arithmetic and two reasoning papers. 




  • Stay calm - you have worked so hard this year and you are prepared! Remember to try your best and use what you've learnt. We know you've got this!
  • During the SATs, make sure you read all of the questions carefully. Ask yourself, ‘ What exactly is it they want me to do?’ Remember to jot down your workings and ideas. 
  •  Remember this is your time to shine!
  • SLEEP! You need lots of it! Going to bed late makes you tired and grouchy. Tired pupils find tests extra difficult because they find it difficult to concentrate (plus we don't want any snoring in the tests!).
  • Make sure you eat lots of nutritious food - especially breakfast! Having the right amount of energy will help you in lessons and help you concentrate! You also need to keep hydrated by drinking lots of water - remember our bodies, including our brains, are mostly made up of water, so it needs it to keep functioning well!
  • Don't be stuck indoors all the time - you need to get outside in the fresh air. This will do you the world of good. Try to limit computer games in the next couple of weeks as these sorts of things don't give your brain the rest it needs each day. 


These were our Greek pots and shields from the Autumn Term: 




In science we will be learning about Classification, Evolution and Inheritance. In our first week we will be observing some different living organisms in  the five kingdoms. Miss Croft has even bought a Mc Donald's burger in, which is 6 weeks old! We will post pictures of our experiments shortly!















Below is our maths monkey, he has been to lots of interesting places including: the London Aquarium; he watched Norwich City play football; he went on a bike ride; made a lovely cake and he went to Turkey! What a lucky monkey he has been over the autumn term. Lets hope he gets to visit a lot more exciting places to practise his maths. 

A pupil from Oak Class made Mumbo a costume and measured all the material they used. Look at the pictures below:

We are the champions.......... On Wednesday 20th June our Year 3 and 4 Athletics Team became the Quadkids Athletics Champions of Norfolk...........Well done everyone..........We are very proud of you.........Another trophy in the Millfield trophy cabinet!......