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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017


A Roman Day for Middle Phase

On Friday 3rd November, Middle Phase children had a great visit to Norwich Castle Museum, where they took part in a special Romans and Celts day linked to this term's learning theme.
The children enjoyed taking part in different activities: they examined real Roman artefacts and discussed their possible uses; they "met" a Roman soldier who taught them all about the Roman fighting techniques and what made the Empire so dominant; they learned how to make a Celtic necklace; and... they "met" an Iceni tribeswoman who taught them all about life 2000 years ago. The children also visited the Boudicca and Celtic Rooms in the Castle, where they could see real Celtic and Roman jewellery and coins as well as learning more about those times.
It was a great day out and the children learned so much. They were very active throughout the day - asking questions, doing craft and drama, even learning to march like a Roman, and at the end of the day they were asked to decide and vote whether the Iceni tribes should pay their taxes to the Romans - there was a resounding NO!
Thank you to all the staff and parents for helping on the trip.
Millfield's Latest Awards - International School's Award (re-accreditation) and a Gold All Together School Award (for our work on anti-bullying)............... We also are able to announce our successful bid for funding from the European Commission for a teacher and pupil cultural exchange project with a school in Spain over the next 2 years.............Great news and exciting times ahead!.............